Oklahoma State vs TCU

12/5/20 4:39AM - 0 comments

In a game with great defense. Taking -2.5 (-104) is really risky compared to Moneyline at (-123). TCU's team is falling apart. Last week they had 48 scholarship players and this week, expecting around 43ish. That is a lot to lose. OKST should roll easily here. ML is a Whale for my clients who pai...

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Nebraska vs Purdue

12/5/20 4:34AM - 0 comments

This Nebraska team coached by Frost is not doing to well. They need a savior. McKenzie Milton has entered the transfer protocol. Coach Frost was Milton's coach during the 2017-2018 Undefeated UCF Knights.Purdue suffered a loss to Rutgers last week. I expect a bounce back here, specially against t...

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BYU vs Costal Carolina

12/4/20 3:03AM - 0 comments

A game we have been dreaming about. Costal Carolina vs BYU! BYU will be looking to pad their strength schedule and blow out Costal if they want any shot at making the College Football Playoffs.-10 is a decent spread. But If you’re going to take -10, you might as well take a -17 ALT Line +250. I...

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Giants vs Bengals

11/29/20 4:39AM - 0 comments

Giants have been impressive as of late. Impressive for the NFC East. Their team is slowly coming together, while the Bengals are falling apart. Have we forgot that this team went 2-14 last year without Joe Burrow. The Bengals will be starting Brandon Allen, directly from the practice squad over 2...

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Vegas vs Atlanta

11/29/20 4:31AM - 0 comments

This is a great match up for the Raiders. My algorithm is getting -6 for Raiders. The Falcons will be without Julio and Gurley; relying on a 3rd string running back. Vegas has decent defense while the Falcons give up a large sum of points per game. Vegas offense continues to roll. Backing the rad...

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Cleveland vs Jacksonville

11/29/20 4:29AM - 0 comments

Cleveland has been struggling in bad weather the past 3 games. We are getting great weather down in Jacksonville. Mike Gelennon will be a better passer than Luton was. Two of JAX WR's are out but the Browns are missing Denzel Ward and Myles Garret. Should give the veteran enough time to make some...

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